About Us

Who we are:

Win-Win Entertainment is a 501c3 national nonprofit based in Las Vegas that creates opportunities for professional performers to share their time and talent with children in need. We do this by establishing regularly recurring programs with community partners in 4 main youth sectors – Healthcare, At-Risk / Foster Care, Special Needs, and Education.

What we believe:

We believe in the inherent generosity of the human spirit. We believe that people want to give back, but they get distracted by the busyness of their daily lives. We believe that if you make it easy for people to give back, they will.

What we do:

We establish regularly occurring programs with community partners to provide entertainment for at-risk / disadvantaged youth, children with special needs, and children in hospitals. We match performers with our community programs based on their skill set and passion.

Where we are going:

After 5 successful years in Las Vegas, in January 2017 we began laying the groundwork to expand nationally. We are actively working to build our national performer database and establish philanthropic programs for professional entertainers in new cities. The first 4 cities outside of Las Vegas we are working with are Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Orlando, and San Francisco… with many more on deck!