Win-Win Entertainment

Who we are:

Win-Win Entertainment is a 501c3 national nonprofit that brings smiles to children who really need them by arranging in-person and virtual visits from professional performers to share their time and talent with children in need. We are 100% volunteer-based. We have no paid staff, and all performers donate their time for all events.

What we believe:

We believe in the inherent generosity of the human spirit. We believe that people want to give back, but they get distracted by the busyness of their daily lives. We believe that if you make it easy for people to give back, they will.

What we do:

We establish regularly recurring weekly or monthly programs at children's hospitals nationwide. Since Covid, all of our visits have become "virtual visits" over Zoom or similar platforms. All of our entertainers are wonderful all-ages performers who understand how to interact with children and families. We work with magicians, jugglers, singers, dancers, musicians, comedians, ventriloquists, animal acts, character actors - you name it!

How we do it:

We are fortunate to have the support of an avid volunteer base, and generous corporate sponsors who see the value in what we are doing, many of whom have supported Win-Win Entertainment since our inception in 2011. Sponsorships and donations activate and deploy our commodities (time and talent) in Win-Win cities in the following ways:

  • Adequate Liability insurance
  • Background Checks
  • Website / digital portal that connects Win-Win and its talent to our events and programs for your city
  • Technical infrastructure, such as sound, lighting and staging equipment use at events
  • Basic Volunteer Coordinator stipends for event-related expenses incurred
  • Essential and basic travel and administration hard costs
  • Event-related expenses such as signs, printing, etc.
  • Branded SWAG for Performers and Volunteers (t-shirts and other wearables, promotional items, etc.)
  • Marketing & Promotion of events and programs, such as electronic media,¬†print, outdoor, digital, etc.

Where we are going:

After several years operating exclusively in Las Vegas, in 2017 we began expand nationally because of national interest by performers and hospitals. We now have programs in 12 cities: Charleston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York, Orange County, Orlando, Phoenix, Reno, and San Diego. The future is bright as we continue expanding our reach and expanding our impact!