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Performer Information and Acknowledgement

What Win-Win Agrees to do: Win-Win will discuss with performers opportunities to match the performer with an appropriate charity/event. Win-Win will handle communications with the charity and scheduling issues. Win-Win will then work with the charity to promote the event. Win-Win will provide adequate technical support (audio and visual) when needed. Depending on availability, Win-Win may provide photography and/or video of the event, which will remain the property of Win-Win. Additionally, Win-Win will consider the performer's requests and input during the matching process. Win-Win is dedicated to taking the stress and hassle out providing community service.

What Win-Win DOES NOT Agree to do: Win-Win does not agree to provide insurance for the performer or charity (each must maintain its own policy of insurance). Win-Win does not guarantee any level of publicity arising from an event. Win-Win does not provide any payment or monetary gain to the performer for performing at an event and does not facilitate or arrange for payment from a charity to a performer. Win-Win DOES NOT AGREE TO ACCEPT ANY LIABILITY FOR ANY ACTION OF THE CHARITY OR PERFORMER RELATING TO AN EVENT. Win-Win does not agree to indemnify or defend a performer or charity in any case or claim arising from or related to an event. Win-Win does not pay any wages or provide any employee benefits to performers.

What the Performer Agrees to do: By agreeing to be associated with Win-Win the performer agrees to make himself or herself available to participate in events for a charitable purpose. Win-Win will work with the performer to pick the best event and date for all involved, but once a date is agreed to, the performer agrees to make himself or herself available to participate in the event. Performer agrees not to use any event scheduled for Win-Win as a means for monetary gain. While increased notoriety and reputation are natural products of philanthropic work, Win-Win events are meant to be charitable in nature and not a means of financial enrichment. Unless otherwise agreed with Win-Win, performer will provide his or her own employees and staff, to assist with the performance at the event. Performer agrees to conduct himself or herself in a professional manner in consideration of the nature or the event and the audience present (e.g. children). Performer agrees to be responsible for his or her own acts and omissions and those of his or her employees and staff. Performer is responsible to ensure that there is a policy of insurance purchased by performer, performer’s employer (if any), or charity which provides liability protection to Performer.

Relationship of Win-Win with Performer and Charity: Performer and Win-Win are independent entities associated solely for the purpose of matching a performer with a charity/event. There is no employment, agency, or other similar relationship between the parties. Win-Win is not an agent or employee of any charity. Rather charities utilize Win-Win on an independent basis to find performers for charitable events.

I acknowledge that I have received, understand and agree to the above information.

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